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Bevelpane, Choose from 15 different panel styles, and a range of different Glass options. Outlined below. Resin Bevels, Fused Tiles, Resin Lead, Sandblast & Bevel Tiles
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Resin Bevel

“Resin” units use created using a resin dispensing system which recreates the effect of traditional bevels. The resin is contained between two pieces of toughened glass which ensures ease of maintenance and consistency in manufacture.

Fusion Tile

Fusion Tile With our range of fused tiles we can offer a luxury product, manufactured using the traditional techniques, for a fraction of the cost normally associated with fused glass.

Resin Lead 

Resin Lead Stained Glass “Cadram” technology is one of the most popular methods of manufacturing decorative glass around the world and is loved by customers for its stunning looks and ease of maintenance.


The sandblast glass effect is produced by sandblasting a clear sheet of glass. This blurs images to obtain privacy, while still transmitting light.

Bevel Tile

Our range of overlay bevel designs incorporate genuine lead strips, handmade coloured effect films and handcrafted bevelled glass to create 21st century decorative glass.


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