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The Celsius Solid Roof is a fantastic warm conservatory roof replacement product as it is constructed using Kingspan TEK Building System SIPS panels. This proven method of warm roof  sunroom construction eliminates many of the issues that face aluminium skeleton based solutions, as cold bridging has been designed out from inception.

Celsius Solid Roof has been designed to go together easily on-site and help installers deliver a first class, thermally efficient roof in the minimum of time.

Unlike rival systems which employ aluminium rafters, aluminium ridge beams, aluminium eaves ring beams, aluminium valleys and aluminium box gutters similar in design to glazed conservatory roofs, Celsius Solid Roof is a truly warm roof, featuring all timber construction without any metallic ‘cold spots’.


Warmth and comfort

The superior thermal performance of Celsius Solid Roof means that it is by far the best conservatory roof replacement as it creates a high quality living space that ensures warmth and comfort, helping to insulate the home, and saving on heating bills and will fit onto most existing upvc window frames.

24/7, 365 days a year use

Celsius Solid Roof, new or for the replacement building extensions are usable 24/7, 365 days a year, whatever the season, thanks to the high levels of thermal insulation achieved. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer, Celsius Solid Roof gives homeowners a true ‘year round warm roof sunroom or orangerie’.

Speed of installation

Custom-made to exact project requirements and delivered in kit form for on-site assembly, Celsius Solid Roof has been carefully designed to be quick and straightforward to install, meaning less homeowner disruption during the building phase and smaller labour costs for the installer.

Celsius Solid Roof is available with perimeter pelmets, or ridge apex frames that perfectly accommodate lighting or speakers without compromising the structural integrity or insulation of the roof.

Value for money

Using proven quality assured roofing components to create a true warm roof construction, Celsius Solid Roof is a solid home improvement investment, delivering excellent value for money in price as well as thermal efficiency.

Modern aesthetics 

A contemporary look is guaranteed by fitting a Celsius Solid Roof, transforming the visual impact of an existing traditional-styled glazed roof conservatory.

Cool enough for me

0.15 W/m2K U-value achievablewith insulated plasterboard

Strong enough for me

Withstood an imposed load of 3.34 tonnes 5.4 x 4.7m Georgian roof, subjected to a test load of 1.1KN/m2 for 7 days

Environmentally friendly roof tiles

Celsius Solid Roofs are finished with 100% recycled Synseal Envirotiles which feature an attractive riven finish and are available in a choice of appealing colours:

Black, Dark Brown or Terracotta.

Natural daylight

To complement the thermally-efficient and weather-proof Celsius Solid Roof, designs can incorporate insulated VELUX glazed roof vents to provide natural daylight, as well as ventilation in the summer months.

Beautiful interior designs 

Stunning interiors can be created using Celsius Solid Roof, which is plaster-boarded to give a beautiful internal finish with a

choice of ridge apex or orangery-style perimeter pelmets, typically incorporating downlights for a modern look.

Fit and forget

Strong yet relatively lightweight to minimise dead weight on foundations, Celsius Solid Roof delivers a well-built and thermally-efficient building extension that ensures effective weather performance and rainwater drainage and comfortably meets Building Regulations approvals  for added peace of mind.


Leading competitors

All timber construction

Aluminium skeleton

No aluminium skeleton

Risk of cold bridging

No chance of condensation build-up

Risk of condensation build-up

Proven technology

Performance overly reliant on

Quick & easy to install

the skill of installer and the quality

High quality materials guaranteed

of materials used

Timber thermal conductivity = 0.16W/m2K

 Aluminium thermal conductivity = 160W/m2K

Established in 1965, Kingspan is a global leader in high performance insulation, building fabric and solar integrated building envelopes

Kingspan TEK Building System panels consist of a high performance rigid urethane insulation core, manufactured with a blowing agent that has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and low Global Warming Potential (GWP), sandwiched between two layers of Oriented Strand Board type 3 (OSB/3). During manufacture, the insulation core is bonded by autohesion to the OSB/3 facings. This process provides more reliable and superior adhesion than the secondary bonding process used in the manufacture of most others SIPs.

Kingspan Insulation Ltd has secured BBA and NSAI Agrément certification for the Kingspan TEK Building System.

Kingspan TEK panel specification:

142mm thick structural insulated panels (SIPs)


15mm oriented strand board (OSB)

Insulation core:

High performance CFC/HCFC free rigid thermoset urethane foam

Thermal conductivity:

Insulation core - 0.023 W/m.K

OSB/3 facings - 0.13 W/m.K

Celsius Solid Roof is weathertight in hours, constructed using SIPs panels that interlock to form both the structure and insulation of the roof as one complete component.

A unique full tile system incorporating ‘Synseal only’ hip and radius end components that don’t require battening or

counter-battening, coupled with an internal surface ready for plasterboarding, means that installations are finished quickly, and with as little disruption as possible for homeowners.

Built to last

Synseal’s Celsius Solid Roof system is comprised of 9 standard timber sections

Sections are machined from C24 construction grade structural timber (German white wood)

Standard timber sections are used to form both ridge and hip components

These are bonded with timber adhesive and mechanically fixed in the factory, then cut to length to suit each individual project


The lean-to is an ever-popular British conservatory style, with a pleasing simplicity to its design providing a spacious and practical building extension solution. Commonly fitted to bungalows, lean-to conservatories can be installed with a range of roof pitches from as low as 12.5˚ right up to 35˚.

Urban living

The addition of a lean-to extension measuring 5m x 3m to this terraced townhouse is the perfect solution for urban living.

With a choice of full height window frames to ensure the homeowner fully benefits from external light, this installation offers many of the benefits of a conservatory (light weight, fast installation) whilst avoiding some of the inconveniences of a full extension project (higher cost, lengthy building work disruptions).

Used as a kitchen, this room has become the hub of the home, an ideal place to bring the family together as the sun starts to set in the early evening. The use of large double doors / bi-folds will transform the room on those days where – weather allowing – they can be fully opened, blending the outside and inside into one beautiful entertainment area.


Gable conservatory designs provide a satisfyingly high internal ceiling height to give an added sense of grandeur and space. Installations can span up to 6 metres in width to deliver a

truly spacious extension. Consisting of pitched sides and distinguishable by its elevated flat-faced frontage, Gable style conservatories look sensational when fitted with a Celsius Solid Roof.

Contemporary and airy 

With its Black tiled roof, this 4m x 5m gabled style extension is both airy and cosy. The high ceiling, glazing right to the ridge on the front face coupled with the dwarf wall, help to maximise the use of space within the extension.

This modern open living space is welcoming to guests and ensures a grand setting for dining, while still being an integral part of the house. The convenient adjacent kitchen area ensures that the hosts can carry on entertaining their guests, even when not seated at the dinner table. Two VELUX roof windows, situated either side of the ridge, are both an attractive feature and a practical design addition, providing some flexible ventilation during warm summer months. Feature lighting has been suspended from the ridge apex - an optional design feature available with Celsius Solid Roof, and provides a focal point to this grand living space.


A Georgian or Edwardian conservatory offers plenty of living space with its practical square or rectangular footprint, which explains why it remains the most popular conservatory style. Older Georgian-style conservatories are ideal for upgrading with a stylish Celsius Solid Roof, giving a much-loved yet tired part of the home a new lease of life.

Clean lines 

Some impressive homes feature sizeable conservatories that don’t quite make the grade. However practical, these extensions are now let down by their age and generally downgrade the overall look and value of the property.

This finished conversion of an ageing 5m x 5m Georgian-style conservatory shows what can be achieved with Celsius Solid Roof, without having to start the building from scratch.

Gone is the tired and noisy polycarbonate roof, replaced with attractive tiles that give the impression that this room was part of the house all along. A plastered pelmet running around the perimeter of the room allows for mood lighting and enhances the pleasing size and shape of the installation.


Victorian conservatories, typically featuring three or five shaped facets to front of the roof and are able to span up to 6 metres in width, present an appealing design that for many of us is the quintessential English-style conservatory. Although the Victorian shape adds complexity, this design can be easily upgraded with a Celsius Solid Roof.


Restoring Victorian splendour

 This 4m x 3.5m Victorian-style conservatory might have been a useful addition to the home some years ago, but the passing of time has made it tired. The homeowners found themselves using the room less and less, and generally only when the weather was ‘just about right’, which can prove seldom or not at all, depending on the season. However, with the addition of a retro-fit Celsius Solid Roof this installation has now created the perfect living room extension, where adults and children alike can come and relax in total comfort, providing the homeowners with the true ‘year-round’ extra room that they dreamt of.

This installation uses Black tiles to match the property’s original tiled roof, ensuring it blends in perfectly from the outside, and a VELUX roof vent has been added to provide added natural light as well as ventilation during the summer months.

For more than 70 years VELUX has led the world in the development of energy-efficient roof windows of the highest quality and durability

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VELUX roof windows

High quality is assured with VELUX, the familiar brand name that is synonymous with roof windows. Our Celsius Solid Roof system is designed to incorporate standard-sized VELUX roof windows finished externally in discreet Anthracite Grey, with an internal finish choice of standard White Polyurethane (perfect for modern interiors and white ceilings) or optional Natural Pine (ideal for traditional interiors) which is protected with triple-coat clear lacquer to preserve the timber of the window.

VELUX roof windows help to maximise the quantity and quality of natural light and ventilation:

  • Roof windows provide twice as much daylight as vertical windows and up to three times more daylight than dormer windows (source: Daylight study, Danish Building and Urban Research, 2003).
  • As they are angled more directly to the sun, VELUX roof windows (minimum roof pitch 15˚) provide direct light with less risk of overshadowing from adjacent buildings.
  • Additional ventilation and light can be delivered deep into extensions, to keep the interior spaces bright and airy.
  • 10 Year Guarantee.

3 standard sizes:

  • 550mm (w) x 780mm (h)
  • 550mm (w) x 980mm (h)
  • 550mm (w) x 1180mm (h)

Design options available to you  include:

Velux window Blinds or shutters as well as stunning  VELUX INTEGRA solar powered, electrically operated roof window with rain sensor

Finish options

All roof windows: Anthracite Grey external finish with a choice of two internal finishes: 

  •   White Polyurethane (standard)
  •   Natural Pine (optional)


Envirotile roofing components are injection moulded to Synseal’s exact specifications from 100% recycled polypropylene by specialist suppliers Green Sustainable Products Company Ltd.

A flat, precision manufactured, lightweight roof tile with excellent green credentials, the Synseal Envirotile has a low profile chamfered front-leading edge with a slight riven finish. Each single Envirotile is 12mm in thickness, weighing just 610 grams with measurements of 325mm (w) x 365mm (h) and is extremely simple to fix yet performs exceptionally, securely locking into adjacent tiles to form a quick-fitting and fully integrated roof covering. A double tile is also available, eliminating the need for fiddly small cuts.

The interlocking Synseal Envirotiles are self-draining, and self-ventilating and are branded with the Synseal logo for ease of identification. The system is easy to handle and cut on-site for a precision finish at concealed hip or valley roof intersections.

A single mechanical fixing point at the head in addition to the innovative interlocking design ensures that Synseal Envirotiles are securely fitted and ready to withstand both wind, rain and snow.

Envirotiles are 80% lighter than standard concrete tiles, weighing just 8.4kg per square metre in contrast with cement or natural slate roof tile products that typically weigh 50 kg per square metre.

Synseal Envirotiles are available in a choice of 3 colours:

  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Terracotta 

In addition to single and double roof tiles, the Synseal Envirotile range includes an elevated and interlocking ventilated ridge cap, radius end/apex cover, hip, hip end cap, gable end cap, dry verge, tile starter trim and push-fit screw cap cover to ensure a high quality aesthetic finish for each Celsius Solid Roof.

Tile components

Key features  
Recycled polypropylene tiles  Secure fixing
UK manufactured  10 year warranty
Easy to fit  BRE tested by GSPC Ltd
Easy to clean BBA accredited by GSPC Ltd


The Celsius range

Our Celsius range now comprises solid roof and insulated performance glass offerings, to provide a choice of high quality and thermally-efficient solutions for conservatory products

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