Edwardian Conservatory

An Edwardian conservatory (also known as a Georgian) is a very popular conservatory design. The style is distinguished by its angular floor space which may be either square or rectangular in shape. The rectangular shape not only acts like a natural extension of your home, but also allows for the best use of the internal space as the straight lines of the outer edges are ideal for setting furniture against. Whether you require the room to act as a dining room, enlarged living room or playroom, this style will off you the very best usage of your floor space as opposed to curved conservatory styles which can be more difficult to furnish.

The Edwardian is a very versatile design; even buildings with height restrictions such as bungalows can be accommodated due to the flexible ridge design, ensuring the overall look seamlessly fits with your current home.

Edwardian Conservatory Roof Conversion

We can also convert your existing Edwardian Conservatory to insulate it far more than it currently is. If you feel that your conservatory is too hot in summer or too cold in winter we can make a real difference for you, by adding a space age insulation blanket and installing internal decorative UPVC cladding. This to prevents against heat in the summer, and provides maximum insulation from cold transfer in the winter, our roof insulation this will also reduce unwanted rain and traffic noise see our start to finish installation.


As the Edwardian conservatory has square corners rather than a shaped front which a Victorian conservatory has, if you were to be for instance looking at building a heated insulated conservatory with a size of 4m x 4m then Edwardian style roof then we can give you few advantages such as;


  1.  More useable floor internal space as you have not cut off the corners thus reducing the floor area. 
  2. The price to build an Edwardian conservatory even with the larger floor area rather than smaller floor are of the Victorian is more cost effective as base costs are less, Window frames are also normally less and the roof without additional shapes and roof panels is also less so more conservatory for your money.
  3. All houses have square corners so this style also suits house and surrounding garden better.



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