Livin Roof (Ultra Frame)

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Now supplying & installing the Ultraframe Livin Roof Across Central Scotland. 

Livin roof is the first roofing system designed to give us the flexibility to use both solid and glazed roof panels to allow you to choose how much light and shape that you actually prefer in your roof using highly insulated solid panels along with energy efficient glass units seamlessly. This will help you to create a warm but light and airy room whether you are replacing a roof onto pre existing window frames or creating an entire new room from scratch to give you a room that you can use all year round.

Say Goodbye To Cold Winters & Unbearable Heat in the Summer

If your conservatory needs updating, replacing this roof will have a significant impact on the thermal efficiency of the room making it a warm and comfortable area for you and the family 365 days a year as this is a fantastic product to replace a conservatory roof.

Free Design & Advice

We offer a free 3D Design service & consult on all different options & styles available to you.
The Livin roof is the ultimate solution to conservatory heat regulation problem. With a mix of Glass and a heavily insulated, lightweight roofing system. We can offer a design that allows you to chose the perfect amount of light and will allow you to keep your conservatory at a reasonable temperature all year round.

The Structure of the roof utilises Ultraframe,s market leading Classic system to provide strength and rigidity – and with over 1.5 million Classic roofs installed throughout the UK you can be sure it can withstand anything Mother Nature has to offer.

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We understand the importance of natural light in any home extension. The great feature of Livin roof is that it can incorporate one, or a number of glazed panels that allows daylight to penetrate deep into your room, making the space instantly brighter.

The glass panels can be inserted to replace any of the aluminium roofing panels, in any shape enabling you to maximise the light in your room to produce a very contemporary design not easily achievable with other types of roofing system.
Internally the Livin roof is stunning. It can deliver a magnificent vaulted ceiling and incorporates the internal pelmet internal pelmet around the perimeter, where lights can be installed. At the ridge at the top of the Livin roof you can insert or hang lights in a place where you otherwise wouldn’t be able to on a vaulted ceiling.

If a vaulted ceiling isn’t for you then there is an option of a suspended ceiling, allowing you to continue the ceiling height from an adjoining room or to give your room a more ‘cosy’ feel.

The Livin roof roofing system is constructed from insulated composite external panels and Kingspan slab insulation, which are strong and robust yet extremely thermally efficient.

-Quick to install - Means minimal disruption to family life

-Any shape or roof style - Meaning glazing panels can be inserted just about anywhere Means we will have a solution to any conservatory / extension / sunroom shape

-Heavy duty insulation - Means the space will be usable 365 days a year.

-Sound Dampening - Meaning outside road noise and rain is drastically reduces - Meaning you can watch your favourite TV shows or hold a conversation with the family or on the phone without having to shout.